A surge of activity on all fronts this morning but with it an omnipresent back-of-mind worry that, since my breakfast blood sugar was so high (adjustments to new medication always throw it the first week – yesterday, I was too low to run, which means today I’m operating higher than normal which means, yeah… on and on and–), any ideas or things I’ve chosen to explore are the byproduct of an out-of-sorts mind…

Then again, I tend to doubt everything until I confirm it the next day.

(I find it amusing that one of the side effects of anti-depressants are “grandiose ideas”: I’m a writer – or at least a reasonable facsimile of one: grandiose ideas are part and parcel of the calling, an occasionally useful side effect. The question: how can I tell the difference between one side effect or another?)

But, the good news: I have plenty of questions. Also: more insulin is scheduled to arrive later this morning, my subscription service to life continuing.

After storms last night, a heat advisory today; life under the delta-dome.