In the midst of scouring the multide of streaming services seeking that 15 minute thing (how this is not a thing in the streaming era is beyond me) to watch between the main show (the MAKING THE CUT finale – I can see why Andrea won , easily; hers a wholly deserved win at that – Gary’s still my man, though) and the bed, landed on Criterion Channel and a Wong Kar Wai video Q&A from the WORLD OF WONG KAR WAI set (which I , of course, own, given my pandemic-era need to obtain box sets of every director I love and never get around to watching them, only on streaming, natch) and one in which WKW was Q’ed “When do you know you’re finished on with project” (A Q from, I believe, the cinematographer who worked with WKW on THE GRANDMASTER) to which WKW A’ed with something to the effect of “I know I’m finished when there are no more questions to answer.”

This crystalized my problem-thinking on the novella and why my move to kill it yesterday was right: I didn’t have any questions to answer (beyond “Can I do this?” to which the answer is, probably – but that’s not enough for me now) or, if I did, they were answered within in the space of a small paragraph. The middle board is empty – but filling up; in search of: those questions I have yet to think of.

Storm clouds are gathering and the day awaits.