Had a feeling that it would happen, that I would return from a project break and find myself in the loop: nowhere to go, nothing to say on the novella. Perhaps I released too much too soon or perhaps it’s a byproduct of having turned 40 over the weekend or perhaps it’s nothing but a recognition long in the making (the novella having been with me in some form for the last ten years), a recognition of an iterative evolution in my creative sensibilities over the last several months (for better or for worse) that precludes the writer who would have written it or the simple truth that I’m fearful of falling once again into the DESCANSO trap (seven years for a paragraph, six years and eleven months being spent realizing it wasn’t a novel but a paragraph which took a month to release).

Thanks to Nick Sousanis for the kind mention of our Socialized Recluse interview on his essential blog, Spin, Weave, and Cut, our interview being an eye-opening discussion that, I’m certain, contributed to my shift in this direction, whatever that direction might be. Be sure to check out the info about 12 August’s Comics for Blind and Low Vision Readers symposium, which we talk about in the interview as well.

As for what’s next, I’m not hurting for potential ideas, a folder-full of illegible scraps waiting – and I do think that, if any time is right to push off into new directions, it’s now, being nascently 40 and all. But then again, I’ve proclaimed a project to be spent before only to have it come back to life at some point or another.