Appears that these Informalities have found their way to being the digital, blathering omega to the alpha of the early AM, handwritten journal (similarly possessed of blather, but private-and-illegible-like). Plus my wife said she enjoyed them (The Informalities) back when I did them in the days of yore, the “funny ones,” in particular.

Since I’ve only returned (for real this time) to the daily grind here, a scant few efforts, and one cheat in this Sunday thing, for this week at least:

Notes from a week of iPadWork (still using it, still loving it), at Parenthetical Recluse, when I thought that these weekly but oops (04jul2021)

THE GROUND LOOP, Ep0010 - “Why do you write?" (07jul2021)

And I am, mostly (10jul2021), the daily return.

That’s that for this week. One final plug for my new Ko-Fi page because why not. The day awaits; see you tomorrow.