Main, deep work done for the day – finally some light peeking through on the novella. Planning to reveal the title in this month’s MacroParentheticals dispatch (normal sign-up processes have been resumed).

Will go deeper into the current posting schema and etc on THE GROUND LOOP next week, but, short version: TGL has replaced weekly Informalities at Parenthetical Recluse… Macro remains monthly, and these daily Informalities have returned to replace – or at least , as they always have, the vast majority of my social media existence.

Ko-Fi still a burgeoning little component of my online self, but I do like where it’s going. Nips and tucks and figurings abound; if I rake in $20 a year, I’ll be thrilled.

Reading (halfway through Rushdie’s JOSEPH ANTON and all I want to do now is play Super Mario World with Salman Rushdie), running, and the in-lawn await. Chainsaws and such.