Long in the brainworks, but: I’ve decided that it’s time to – if not charge directly for my work, then at least give an option for readers to show their enjoyment or appreciation of what I hurl into the world via a tip jar.

(“Tip Jar” terminology itself beingstill in flux (suggestions welcome); note, that I use ko-fi - https://ko-fi.com/twweaver - for the main portal for this but am using Squarespace’s button option and the link to create my own text (and not pay $6 a month to change it from something about caffeine via Ko-Fi’s gold program). Like I said, suggestions welcome.

Had considered membership but, because of my method of working – read:  things come out when they come out and only when I decide they’re ready – I’ve decided that the tip jar is the best way for me to work.

(Cheers for the new perspective, my friend.)

As of right now, I’m including the Tip Jar button only on certain pages (doing it this way is a bit more work, but it’s a good way to customize things) like the first short story, DESCANSO, and the latest episode of THE GROUND LOOP.

A nice mental shift to a.) place a minimal monetary value on my work and, b.) bring a little bit of the busker feeling to said work. My Ko-Fi page is very much in progress, but I’ll probably be adding stuff and playing with it - as I am wont to do - until my dying day because that’s the way I roll.

As you were.