Anniversary dinner (seventh, on Sunday), Sea Bass and steamed mussels and something else that escapes me – delicious. Had avoided restaurants since at least February 2020 because COVID made what was already an unpleasant experience (T1D testing, jabbing, counting, being around people, etc) even more unpleasant. That said, I’m glad I broke out of the shell: couldn’t ask for a better return to having someone else cook for me and, other than phone-based menus (which was kinda nice) and people further apart (even nicer), no real change from the last time I ate in a restaurant.

iPadWork update: USB-C connector works great. MG10XU mixer connects (though I have a lot of work ahead of me to master podcasting with an iPad) and, most importantly, I managed to find a way to make iOS’s abysmal monitor support work for me: plug it into the USB-C connector, use wireless mouse and Bluetooth keyboard - not the one that makes up half the case but the pair I’ve used for the last few years with the MacBook Air – and, since I have the monitor on an arm, lower the monitor in front of the iPad, transforming it into a single-task focus machine. Writing everything in Dark Mode helps mask the pan-and-scan-ness of said abysmal monitor support and, since it’s next to impossible to use iPad functionality (and I have a ton of distractions blocked while I work thanks to Screentime), it makes writing and focusing on one thing – and facilitating a mental adjustment to different purposes (iPad+Monitor+BlueKey = longform, single task writing / iPad +keyboard case = short, online, leaping about writing / iPad, sans case = mindless perusal and solitaire) –much easier.

In-lawn awaits; chainsaws and father-in-law hair cutting abound. Not with a chainsaw – though just test me, you cranky old bastard.