Yesterday: a surprise - and most welcome - early arrival of my M1 11" iPad Pro. Took an hour, more or less, to get it set up for my processes: having taken it the full desktop/laptop replacement route, I have entered a future. Such as it is.

Keyboard on the Logitech Combo case is fantastic… love it. No regrets about choosing it over Apple’s Magic Keyboard ($100 cheaper). Hooked up my other Logitech keyboard, the one I used with the MacBook, old faithful - will use it when hooked up to the monitor - but have to wait on my USB-C adapter to arrive, scheduled for today and, though I have a wireless mouse I had been using with the MacBook Air, I’ll probably opt for a Bluetooth one at some point to keep the USB port on the adapter free.

Ease of keyboard hookup and decoupling makes an excellent mental switch from use to use, from focused, deep work longform writing machine to quick, daily ramble jottings. Monitor will add to that mental division, though I should mention here that, even if the monitor hookup gives less-than-stellar results, I can live with working exclusively on the iPad. This screen - the 11" - is stunning and clear as is - and is the same size as my erstwhile MacBook Air.

Downloaded and purchased: Ferrite for podcasting (I’ll miss you, Audacity, but the point of me doing podcasts to begin with was to learn new things; always be evolving). Considering adding the Apple Pencil to my tookbox for fine-tuning podcast edits. Hopefully the beautiful audio and processors in this thing help with the quiet MG10XU output to DAW; as the MG10XU’s replacement, non-Kirby devoured power cable also arrived yesterday, I’ll test along with monitor later this afternoon.

First quirk with iA Writer on iPadOS: the title bar stays at the top of the page in landscape: to eliminate, do a preview (Command-R) and go back. Presto, gone-o. Writing these posts - and most Micro-things - in Bear.

Current bottom line: Early stages of being in love. I WANT to write on this thing; it’s fantastic. Cutting the friction of startups and logins has been a remarkable change. Surprising myself: no inclination whatsoever to write on the MacBook Air – even without the monitor.

On with the day.