Good morning; it’s currently 30ºF under sunny skies and, according to USPS, my “package will arrive later than expected, but is still on its way. It is currently in transit to the next facility,” having been in this purgatorial state of transit since 21feb.

And so it is and so it goes.

In the process of reorganizing my schedule for the upcoming yardcare season but also thinking in terms of sitting vs moving and trying to stagger those periods of sitting and moving throughout the day. My workblocks are a combo of both now, especially with the standing desk, whose return has been wonderful. Will probably revert to my creative vampirism, the first block of work being before the sun rises and the second in the evenings instead of after lunch: more moving after dinner and a way to leave the days open for random access servitude.

Also nice to literally sleep on the creative problem from the evening block in the hopes that an answer will be there in the morning.

Equal potential that I’ll just do all of my writing in the morning and that these will be a bridge between the two segments.

Shared newsletter direction yesterday; the reminder worked.

I still like writing these; the day awaits.