from last weekend’s MacroParentheticals0042:

With a number of new creative things coming out, an upcoming seasonal increase in demands on my non-writing time (read: in-lawn, digging holes, lifting heavy things, fixing a fence, replacing a side door and frame, and at least another 30 cubic yards of mulch-laying in addition to other fun things which should get me to April), a wish to not besiege/bore readers with multiple emails, and, most importantly, a desire for evolution and creative growth, I need to streamline my efforts and focus on the realization of those new creative things.

Here’s how I’m going to do that:

From here on out, the letter and the news parts of this now-“monthly+” newsletter will be separated, with these letter bits releasing the last Sunday of every month and the news bits coming your way in “extra editions” as new projects and installments are released (best guess being one or two (two at most) extra editions a month, probably on Fridays).

Extra editions will herald:

  • Continued early access (+/- a week before public release) to new Socialized Recluse interviews and re/emergence installments.
  • Exclusive access to new short stories, serialized things, and et cetera. (There will be et cetera. Perhaps serialized et cetera.)
  • Free ebooks / PDFs of aforementioned new creative things, as well as discounts on physical releases of above.


While the original plan was to release one novella per year - and may yet be the case (eyes / stomach, all that) - I’ve managed to unblock so many ideas that had been waiting for a place to call home that I’m aiming for two novellas/novelettes per year, the first in February, the second in August, and released as eBooks (free for you, with appropriate, non-subscriber remuneration TBD; Amazon availability likewise TBD).

Each December, these long-form fictions (as well as that year’s re/emergence tales - among other things) will be collected and released as a physical, self-published zine. I’m planning to work with local printers (coincidentally, most likely at the print shop that, growing up, made the smell of a printing press and fresh ink one of my favorites in the world) to produce this effort, which will be available only directly through me (via Parenthetical Recluse, which is, in this new paradigm, switching over to being a static home / storefront for all of these new creative things) and to subscribers for a sizable discount.

Obviously, since I only came up with this in February, there’s only one novella this year and December’s collection will be a small one, a test run, for lack of a better phrase. The two-per-annum will start in 2022.


If all of this sounds good to you, I hope you’ll consider signing up for MacroParentheticals. I’m excited to share what I’m building.