Now that I’ve finally settled on a title/category, I guess I do like doing these. Especially since I’m using Drafts for all of my Micro/online posting now. Finally found that systemic sweet spot, maybe.

A flurry of ideas continues apace: capture, capture, capture / get that brain to empty. Hopefully these will ebb in the coming days, once I settle into a new routine.

Returned to wearing my Watch – hopefully without dialing emergency services: mostly missed its function as a dumb phone, allowing me – in the house – at least, to receive texts and make calls (not emergency services) and run my timers and that’s about it.


Coupled with capital-W Watch return, I’m conducting an experiment: going against typical thought and practice, I’ve turned on lock-screen notifications for all social communiques (these are NOT mirrored to my Watch; Watch is the home for calls and texts and timers, a useful boundary). While I may fall flat on my face, the theory I’m testing for myself is that if I have these notifications on the screen (on a device I rarely pick up during the day, especially with the Watch back in action), I won’t be so tempted to lose myself in the slot machine rabbit holes of the apps themselves. In theory, anyhow.

Started Mark Ruffalo’s Golden Globe-winning I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE last night: Ruffalo deserves every award he earns/earned for this performance. Incredible, so far.

Words are appearing; working to figure out a metric for the day’s work blocks. Word counts give me hives, thinking iA Writer-based highlighted tasks: three per block / can only add a new one once those three are taken care of.

Reminding myself to share the newsletter/zine plan later today.

It’s currently 19ºF under sunny skies; the day awaits.