No idea if this is something that I want to do again (for the first time, here), but here I am with the time and the feeling of a particular freedom in this Micro space that was, I can see now, lacking at the main site: a little less pressure to make these daily rambles good or possessed of any value beyond the brain-emptying/clearing properties of their creation?

Case in point / this is what is on my mind:

While I don’t necessarily loathe food made in crockpots, I loathe crockpots in general. Suspect that it’s because, in my mind – or what passes for it these days – crockpots are about the result – not the process – of cooking, and I cannot, in good conscience, allow a perfectly good piece of meat be subjected to its stuff-it-and-forget it whims. But I can’t deny that the house does smell good on crockpot days.

Such is my inner turmoil. And so the day begins.

(Note: while I can’t discount the possibility that my presence in this daily ramble space is part of withdrawal from being done with the weekly newsletter – NL isn’t going anywhere, just shifting to monthly+ for reasons I’ll share/re-share here later this week – I am, in spite of having said I would write these only when I felt like it, fully cognizant of the potential that “when I felt like it” meant “return to daily.” Who knows.)