The Jorkie is presently sedated and having her teeth cleaned. Much consternation and trembling this morning, but all will be well.

In keeping with the promise of the title (sorry – eventually these will return to their status as pieces of general randomness and thoughts but for now – in keeping with being a semi-accurate accounting of my thinking in the moment of their creation –  they’re ProgressNotes on The Work):

First thing: I can tell that I’ve been thinking “big picture” for too long. Wrapping up the recording of the next SOCIALIZED RECLUSE episode today and publishing tomorrow will be a perfect end to the break from the main project. Will return on Thursday to those essential “small assignments,” the “bird-by-birding” of HUM into its final form, for release in May 2022.

Second: the big picture time hasn’t been without its fruits: aforementioned SOCIALIZED RECLUSE episode, featuring my interview with Nick Sousanis, drops tomorrow. On Saturday – in keeping with my designs on releasing SOMETHING when I turn 40 –  the second short story arrives for newsletter subscribers.

And third: unintended fruits of pod-interview research and thinking have yielded a form for a comics project and, most importantly, a path forward comprised of small assignments.

Potentially fourth: I may – may – have convinced myself that THE GROUND LOOP needs to make a return but I’m not there yet. The learning requirements of it might be needed again as I press on with the new pod-recording setup and editing workflow. Still considering a secondary show type for THE SOCIALIZED RECLUSE, but we’ll see.

The day – and an emergent-though-nonetheless-anesthetized Jorkie – awaits.