Anesthetized Jorkies / Incoming Outputs

The Jorkie is presently sedated and having her teeth cleaned. Much consternation and trembling this morning, but all will be well.

In keeping with the promise of the title (sorry – eventually these will return to their status as pieces of general randomness and thoughts but for now – in keeping with being a semi-accurate accounting of my thinking in the moment of their creation –  they’re ProgressNotes on The Work):

First thing: I can tell that I’ve been thinking “big picture” for too long. Wrapping up the recording of the next SOCIALIZED RECLUSE episode today and publishing tomorrow will be a perfect end to the break from the main project. Will return on Thursday to those essential “small assignments,” the “bird-by-birding” of HUM into its final form, for release in May 2022.

Second: the big picture time hasn’t been without its fruits: aforementioned SOCIALIZED RECLUSE episode, featuring my interview with Nick Sousanis, drops tomorrow. On Saturday – in keeping with my designs on releasing SOMETHING when I turn 40 –  the second short story arrives for newsletter subscribers.

And third: unintended fruits of pod-interview research and thinking have yielded a form for a comics project and, most importantly, a path forward comprised of small assignments.

Potentially fourth: I may – may – have convinced myself that THE GROUND LOOP needs to make a return but I’m not there yet. The learning requirements of it might be needed again as I press on with the new pod-recording setup and editing workflow. Still considering a secondary show type for THE SOCIALIZED RECLUSE, but we’ll see.

The day – and an emergent-though-nonetheless-anesthetized Jorkie – awaits.

Tyler W. Weaver @twweaver