Anti-depressant helping immensely during waking hours but last night turned sleeping hours into waking hours (as is, apparently one of the side effects). An evening blood sugar spike (stress from a yelping Kirby? He ran into a hose which, of course, required howling at the world so as to notify it of his suffering before continuing on his KirbyDerby across the yard) either part of or cause of. Still operating, however, on the notion that this is just my body getting used to its new normal, its biggest change since I came out of hospital with brand-spanking-new T1D: having my waking hours free of that screaming, criticizing, mindlooping busybody internal-other all the time is more than worth the (hopefully) short-term discomfort and inconvenience. That said, will continue to monitor and see what happens. (In spite of only four hours of sleep, I’m feeling fine.)

As for The Work: figuring shit out continues, but it’s in the right place – goal being, always, to pare it down to the smallest possible task and focus on that. Too big-picture at present, but that’s where it needs to be to reach that smaller and smaller, bit by bit. Reading, day’s run, lunch, then SOCIALIZED RECLUSE pod editing for Wednesday’s (intended) release. On with the day.