Rethinking the purpose of these daily experiments (again) and I’ve found that, since restarting them in this different space (Parenthetical Recluse was created to be the home of the daily postings but has since morphed into so much more; Micro was meant to be the in-betweens but is now the home of all scraps, thoughtlets, dogpictures, and ephemeral ramblings) that my brain was, as the day drug on, too full of things I was saving for the next of these postings when the point of their creation was to render my brain empty for eventual refuelling and refilling.

Solution: continue doing them at the same time, but treat as the opening bell, the opening salvo of the day, the prelude – or perhaps the entr’acte – to which subsequent postings – dog pics, EarBliss, etc. – will add to and, like Voltron, constitute the totality of the day’s (over)thinking or lack thereof.

Had I followed this solution, I would have posted, yesterday afternoon that: I’m in the process of making the first edit pass of the next Socialized Recluse episode with Ferrite and the PodTrack P4 and it is brilliant. That the P4 separates the phone and the Mic1 into separate tracks is a revelation. Apple Pencil proving useful, though I still have to make it as instinctive an asset as the mouse and the finger and all that.

In other news, from this morning’s workblock: the second short story is done – release date to newsletter subs TBD, though within the next week or so – and I’ve FINALLY moved on to that T1D essay (before returning on 09 August to the novella): never underestimate the power of being told by an author whose work you’ve long admired that they’d love to read said essay to spur you into finding the fire to mine the depths of yourself and rip open that wound for the benefit of release.

Farewell, July.