Amphibious swimming holes and fingers crossed

The waterfall is continuing – on a surface level and seemingly – to not leak. A frog made it its swimming hole this morning, an event which I will take to be a postive review most likely apropos of nothing while, in non-amphibious news, the wait continues for pre-authorization of the pre-whatever for prescriptional mood-enhancement; my loathing of the American medical / insurance processes and workflows continues unabated.

Working on notes and research this morning for tomorrow’s SOCIALIZED RECLUSE interview with UNFLATTENING creator Nick Sousanis. Shaping up to be an intriguing and in-depth conversation; then again, with a mind like Nick’s on the other end of the phone, anything but an intriguing and in-depth conversation would be proof that I’m a terrible interviewer and conversationalist. Fingers, toes, and any and all other appendages capable of being crossed are and will remain crossed that the P4 delivers a usable recording. In testing, so far, so good – but I won’t feel good about it until the recording is in the iPad. And even then.

I am back writing in this space because I like writing in this space. In-lawn, more waiting, and general lifestuff await.

Tyler W. Weaver @twweaver