Interview maps and paths

Success: the Zoom PodTrack P4 is, until it proves otherwise, the answer to my pod-recording dilemmas in this, the era of shift to the M1 iPad. Fewer cables – TRRS and XLR all –, a physical intermediary before editing in Ferrite and the next workflow to be discerned.

Tried something new with an old technique and will continue to do so moving forward: instead of a text-based question sheet, I’ve put everything into a mindmap (using MindNode) and use it as my guide through the construction of both the interview and the first chat. Can export in markdown to iA Writer, so I might – with a healthy dose of editing – use a text document for the actual interview, but, for gathering and capturing, mindmapping seems to work best. Also lends itself to a little bit more of a freeflowing interview style, though that may change based on the guest and whether or not I use the mindmap or a text document for the recorded interview itself.

Speaking of: sometime in the next month, I might release a list of topics I want to talk about and, if you’d like to join me to discuss that topic, we can make that happen.

Doctors’ appointment today, for what I hope will be the start of bringing my brain back to itself on a more regular basis. I’ve dealt with the depressive waves (mostly) on my own for 25 years via exercise, meditation, and CBT (which I’ve found to be helpful in acute episodes but useless in ameliorating the chronic varietal of which I partake), but it’s beyond time to up my defenses in pill-based form. I’m tired, hopeful, and approaching this step with a not-insignificant amount of trepidation, but it’s clear that something needs to change. With any luck this is that start of that.

Finished Rushdie’s JOSEPH ANTON – finally – and, while his track record of irritating me by page 300 of any book of his remains intact, ANTON was nonetheless an excellent memoir which I wholeheartedly recommend. Keeping this phrase on my wall:

“If you can’t come with me, I’m sorry… but I’m still going this way.”

Happy Friday.

Tyler W. Weaver @twweaver