Title of this Informality aside, the sanctum, fortunately, did not flood. Victory is mine.

(Though I guess I am back to titles AND the Informality category.)

Seem to have found a rhythm for the morning, this morning, anyhow, consisting of not jamming everything I want to accomplish in my 18-hour day into the first five. Work, a break for breakfast, then back to it until +/- 0930. Then write this thing up and move along with whatever consists of my day – along with continued efforts to make my reading routine a “default activity.”

Wrapped up my part of RE/EMERGENCE0004, recorded it, and sent it off to EJK. Learning the unforseen ins and outs required of recording things on the iPad that aren’t podcast MP3s: how to send large files. (Figured it out, I think). Duly archived, out of mind. Back to the novella tomorrow. The day awaits.