Paying for a lazy Sunday in T1D currency, in that omnipresent feeling of not being able to stop, of not being able to slow down – even though all I want to do is sleep; the exhaustion, the weariness – it’s catching up with me. And I can feel it, more and more each day in the loop as it spins, faster and faster, ever and ever: the higher the blood sugar climbs, the less I’m able to concentrate enough to mitigate the stress response it unleashes; the less I’m able to stop the stress, the higher it climbs. Do more do more do more, ad infinitum. Just when you think you’ve got it fixed, you don’t; this is my life, now – self represented as a pingpong ball above and below the green, from one jarring to the next, in this neverending race to outrun myself.

(I am, fortunately, a runner.)