Good morning; it’s currently 63ºF under sunny skies.

Completed requisite Wednesday in-lawn duties (lawnmowing + chainsaw trickery) sans bladed wandering into six-foot tall stalks of poison hemlock. I will, therefore, consider Wednesday to have been a success.

I’ve returned these pieces to the Informalities heading – now in my Micro space because writing and posting with any regularity beyond a week on Squarespace is a losing, maddening proposition (other plans, a long time coming, are afoot for that space) – and will push ahead with writing these pieces daily – even though the titling can, as I’ve said, fuck me up – simply because I enjoy doing so.

Until I don’t. But for now…

Turning this post-breakfast, pre-run chunk of time into online / publishing time (think I’ll also work the NL so it’s not a mad rush on Sunday mornings) so I don’t spread it into random distracted seconds throughout the day: never underestimate the value of dedicating/delineating clear timeblocks to ensure long-term mind respites.

Working: the text for RE/EMERGENCE0004 is almost done. Will spend the rest of the week (through Saturday) wrapping it up and shipping it off to EJK for her magic. Newsletter on Sunday.

For some reason or other, I’ve joined Discord. I have no clue what to do with it, but it does intrigue me… M1 iPad Pro (11") arriving tomorrow. The processes, they begin anew. On with the day.