Good morning; it’s currently 55°F under sunny skies.

Ep0005 of The Socialized Recluse, featuring my conversation with author Christina Rice, is now live. Had a fantastic time both researching her work before our chat and chatting with her about all sorts of things. Her latest, MEAN… MOODY…MAGNIFICENT!: JANE RUSSELL AND THE MARKETING OF A HOLLYWOOD LEGEND, is now available and, like all of her work, is a must-read.

Now that TSR0005 is complete, all files have been archived and notes for the next episode have been pushed to the Working bin. Projects have been re-prioritized, and I’m (more than) ready to return to The Work tomorrow morning. Pleased with where things are, ATM - new stuff combined with old stuff giving old stuff new life. Synthesis FTW.

Medical waiting room accompaniment this afternoon. Don’t mind it when I’m the patient (it’s a break for me, then, really), but my capacity for being a sympa-empathetic bit of company is, after eight years of waiting room accompaniment for any number of family members, non-existent.

The day awaits. And do have a listen to my chat with Christina; I’m proud of it.