(Did I use the words correctly? I think so but if I didn’t to hell with it; I like the way they sound together.)

Lesson being: Following yesterday’s diabetically-mandated breakfast, I neglected to put a lone piece of egg shell (appropriate) in the freezer trash and, in the evening, saw it, opened the freezer … and had a box full of mini dog treats fall on my head, an occurrence which led to the next 20 minutes - which would have been, had I not neglected this lone scrap, my YAKUZA gaming time - being spent in the profanity-laden throes of picking up said treats while fending off the lip-licking German Shepherd puppy (das puppy grande) and The Morkie who just had to help.

Cause/effect… setup/payoff…etc etc

Other things, the first: considering writing a script, comic or screenplay, as my side project, if for no other reason than to make sure the muscle doesn’t atrophy.

Other things, the second: recording my TSR interview with Christina Rice tonight, so tomorrow’s TGL might be delayed by a meal or two. Or not.

Beast-sustenance time.