Haven’t been this jealous of someone else’s writing in a long time. Pure brilliance. Not only does it feature what is easily one of Kate Winslet’s best performances in a career of best peformances - from here on out, she and Jean Smart need to be in everything together, playing every role in everything - but it’s also a showcase for Julianne Nicholson’s under-the-radar talents; hopefully MARE proves to be, along with THE OUTSIDER, the tipping point to the accolades she deserves…

Pulled my well-worn and well-loved edition of THE ANNOTATED DRACULA from my shelves this morning, as I’ve been wont to do of late. Memories of the first time I found it years back on another set of shelves, my grandfather’s, and devoured it, beginning ANNOTATED’s perpetual presence on my shelves. Something about the addition of historical footnotes and asides to Stoker’s epistolary telling brought both the writing and the world to life in ways that Stoker’s writing didn’t by itself.

There’s something further forming here, I just don’t know what (and thus the totality of my working methods have been fully encapsulated).

Tyler W. Weaver @twweaver