Still working on a naming scheme for these morning, day inaugurating / concluding meanderings. I like SitRep - though everything I post throughout the day is, itself, a SitRep but IDK: Avoid lame references to coffee, so: Morning, 04jun2021? Whether Report, 04jun2021 (I kinda like that one, a nod to David Lynch’s Weather Report)? Meanwhile…, 04jun2021? AdInterim, 04jun2021? Suggestions welcome - tww(AT)parentheticalrecluse(DOT)com.

(Alternative: I give each of these individual names but Im terrible at titles so Id rather eliminate the pressure altogether.)

Bowled over by the response to the first newsletter-exclusive short story. Publishing that thing truly marked the end of an era, the first time in more than seven years that its rhythm hasn’t been in my head. For those that have reached out, 🙏

Update: settled on “Meanwhile, 04jun2021” - clearly.