I don’t hate the short story yet - nor have I had the inclination to “change things” (read: fuck it up) before Friday’s NL-exclusive release. Will probably record an audio version of it later today (a handy way to avoid said fucking up of the text), along with THE GROUND LOOP’s return - now that I know what I’m going to talk about, which wasn’t what I had planned to talk about, but there you go.

Relief, too, that my fear of being empty in this new era, the post-seven-year ‘graph that wasn’t a novel but a short story, seems to be unfounded: turned my attention to to RE/EMERGENCE0004, a useful, collaborative palette cleanser between solo projects and a means - the only means - by which to dull the sting of 0003’s cricket-thud.

Trying afternoon work chunk again as I’m not getting my reading done in the current schema. Not sure if this is an actual “taking charge of my day” thing or the middle finger of a mental construct waved in my face; only one way to find out.

On with the day.