Raining this morning and for the next few days: Jorkie in full refusal to go outside and get wet mode, hell no we won’t go etc etc.

Updating Informality 0001 (read: plans have changed thanks to reality): THE GROUND LOOP mini-pod is on hiatus; weekly essays - Informalities - will appear on either Sunday or Wednesday (if I include an audio component to these Informalities, they’ll probably land on Wednesday; if not, Sunday) at the main site while daily posts - MicroInformalities - will appear here every day (the writing and posting of these flights of fancy entertaining only to myself grant my morning a sense of conclusion before I head out into the day). Stories page launched yesterday - and I will follow the re/emergence release model, taking each new story down a week before the next one arrives.

Finally figured out what’s been wrong - I think - and am moving forward with the solution. More when I know it.