Thinking back, thinking through to how I came out of a similar situation years back, and it was - to my recollection - through throwing myself into The Work, through casting off all things non-Work-related percolating in the brain and giving myself up to the sanctuary of the woodshed.

But I’m not certain that The Work is a sanctuary this time or the cause. Operative words the past few days, yesterday in particular: heartbroken, dispirited, and adrift. I haven’t felt this bad - and this close to walking away - since I left music school.

For now, focusing on things I enjoy doing; only moderately surprised that returning to these daily pieces, cultivating this thoughtstream, and turning away from more ephemeral sources of connected anxiety is the first thing that came to mind. Other things: smaller workblocks dedicated to the things within my control spread throughout the long day, ports in the storm of life.

All I can do is do; and so the day begins.