A week of change continues and ends and it’s time to wrap up this daily series once again. Too many time constraints, too little evolution, and a general desire to stop that pervasive feeling of wasting my breath have culminated in the current plan, for now:

Sunday becomes written word day (and a day off from the Main Project(s)) with these daily pieces switching to weekly Sunday morning releases, three per month – the fourth being reserved for the monthly newsletter – and residing at a new blog at the main site: The Informalities / RSS. This Micro space will be for whenever/whatever pieces that pop up during the week, thus reclaiming the MicroInformalities title.

Wednesdays remain aural days: GROUND LOOP, SOCIALIZED RECLUSE, RE/EMERGENCE, and other upcoming stuff – involving an audio component – will release on Wednesdays.

The rest of the time I’ll be toiling away; this space will remain my whenever-whatever cross-posted thoughtstream. Dog pictures and such.