The new watch - a Casio G-Shock GA700-1B XL (requisitely - and exquisitely - puppy-proof) - has arrived and I’m already in love. Coupled with my on-the-go note-taking / thoughtjot switch to cheap memo pads, a cheap memo pad holder, and my beloved Fisher Space pen, my unplugging continues apace. Will obviously use phone / tech / etc for The Work - and all of its attendant subsidiaries; this being simply an unplug from perpetual cellular attachment.

Every day I run through the cemetery; every day I see a (largely untended) tombstone with my apparent last name (a story for another time) on it. A daily kick in the ass - most useful.

Speaking of cemeteries: health orders in Ohio will be lifted on 02 June; lotteries and such. A realization that my life after will be the same as it was before the plague and the 10 years before that. I leave it to you to enjoy the hedonism that will no doubt ensue and inspire countless uninispiring thinkpieces; my place is here, me myself and I.

Words and such.

Kirby vet appt this afternoon (update, 1500: went well. The day awaits.