Writing this with a Jorkie on my lap and thinking - more than I should, probably - about my afternoons, those hotbeds of self-recrimination, depletion of self-respect, and general ennui. Efforts to fill those with another workblock of The Main Project useless: tried yesterday and ended up deleting everything I had scrounged in this morning’s session.

Moving forward, though, with another way: since I’ll be recording tomorrow’s GROUND LOOP this afternoon, I’ll start using the block for side projects - stories, RE/EMERGENCE tales, and other - perhaps scripty - things - that aren’t necessarily beholden to my intractable requirements for repeatability and allow me to let other parts of my brain roam free.

When I reach the point with Main where more time is required, I will, of course, use that afternoon block for it (as I’ll use the morning chunk for sides, should their end be in reach); however, at this point, I think it’s better to use that postprandial time for moving smaller things forward, spinning the side dish plates, as it were, in addition to the Main platters.