Dear Apple Watch,

I tried.

But, Series 3, you’re just not what I need right now, not in the least because, as The Verge so ably put it, Updating an Apple Watch Series 3 is a nightmare in 2021 and I lack the monastic patience to partake in that particular endless and thankless process.

Plus, I found that I just prefer capture notes in my cheap memo pads with my Fisher space pen (and retrofitted clip from a Pentel Sharp pencil). Easier for me to process the loose capturings on tear-off pages, even if my handwriting is shit.

But, I did order a Casio G-shock GA-700-1BCR, because I do miss wearing a watch and need one that I won’t destroy (I love watches and have a penchant for demolishing them; might as well get the “fallout shelter” iteration of a watch - if I fuck this one up, I can consider myself done with wrist-based time-telling).

Back to using the Samson q2u dynamic mic for pods: have to have the gain too high on the condenser mic - and the intemperate temperature of my office seems to have fried the cardioid pickup. But that’s OK: the condenser mic was an experiment, I didn’t pay much for it, and I’ve found that I prefer the way my voice sounds with the warhorse of the q2u. Used it on the latest GROUND LOOP episode.

The dog-children demand sustenance. On with the day.