Working to mentally shift my text+sharing to this morning post, as opposed to throughout the day (dog pictures and other stuff will continue as is). Things like yesterday’s “Though I always say that I can’t tell if a writing day was a good one until the next, I’m reasonably confident that this morning’s work will pass muster” would’ve been better had I waited until this morning to add “and yet, my confidence was misplaced.”

As spring and summer shift into gear and my time becomes more devoted to the needs of others, I have to keep reminding myself that I wrote my first book on a tight deadline, delivering 300 pages in five months, writing two hours every morning (I was, and I do, think about The Work at hand every waking hour of my 18-hour waking day; the actual writing time being the processing time for those accumulated day thoughts); the second book, of just under thirty pages, took me a year, as I attempted to add more writing time and, in so doing be “more productive.”

Lesson: fuck productivity.

Six-month endocrinologist appointment today. A long drive up there, catch up on some pods. Hopeful of [this news](Apple Watch Likely to Gain Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, and Blood Alcohol Monitoring that the next Apple Watch will add blood glucose monitoring, that unicorn of the last several years, though I’m not clear how they’ll pull it off (it has to be subcutaneous, no?) and/or if it will be a better option than the Freestyle Libre, my current implantable bluetooth device.

P.S. Don’t waste your time on WITHOUT REMORSE: it’s a disappointment, made even more so by what should have been a perfect combo of Jordan’s acting talents and Taylor Sheridan’s scriptwriting pedigree.