Writing this (and these) in the midst of indoor, post-breakfast puppy play time, before morning reading block. Barking, growling, and blankets swirl; if ENOUGH shows up in these posts, now you know why. Presently flanked by a Kirby and a The Jorkie.

Last pod of the month is launched - two SOCIALIZED RECLUSE episodes a week apart (while both were fantastic and illuminating conversations, I’ll (try to) stick to my efforts at once-a-month prep/interview/assembly moving forward) - and two GROUND LOOP episodes (launchings); next week begins the more weekly effort with TGL - if TGL is where I practice talking, TSL is where I practice listening.

The pods - and these Informalities - are helping me to write like myself, and be comfortable sharing that self with… whoever reads these… and to, if not shake off the influence of my influences, then at the very least synthesize their influence into something - else?