Took almost two months - not a knock on the quality at all, but on my time - but I finished Antonioni’s RED DESERT last night and, while my Criterion Channel- infused Antonioni devotion is nowhere near Bergman levels, I do love his work. Think I prefer LA NOTTE to RED DESERT (both featuring superb performances from Monica Vitti), but I can’t help but admire the artistry of the latter, Antonioni’s use of color in his first color film reminding me of Fritz Lang’s use of sound in his first talkie, M.

New and beloved Lamy CP1 performed admirably in its first morning of full-tilt use. Nib-switch working like a dream. Hand still has to get used to the thinner size of the pen, but the weight and balance are perfect.

Timeblocking modifications continue: recognizing that writing these Informalities is writing - just as my journal writing is before the Main Work: bookends to the writing morning. Begin by hand, end in type.

No Informality tomorrow as the fourth episode of THE SOCIALIZED RECLUSE, featuring my conversation with HEAVEN’S A LIE author Wallace Stroby, arrives. THE GROUND LOOP returns next Wednesday. Time to read.