Mostly peaceful morning with the new feeding routine, mostly; not without hiccups (literally and figuratively). But it’s better than it has been and I can exhale again when I make my way to my office, a puzzle play toy filled with Kirby food in tow, an expectant puppy likewise, ready to eat and sleep and shit (outside, click) and whatever other puppy things happen as they are wont to do.

And then I write; I will be thanking these puzzle toys in any and all acknowledgement sections.

Thinking also of deadlines this morning - not, necessarily looming ones, but of their import: While they help me wrangle the brain chatter, they also seem to help otherwise uninitiated family members respect the boundaries of work time, the necessity of getting the job done. They add a needed corporeality to the otherwise nebulous and yet completely concrete and existential nature - to the outsiders - of the creative process.