Though the balance ball is in the midst of deflation, having been felled by puppy teeth, efforts to learn “leave it” continue; we have entered the realm of click-training / beware wayward clicks, left-handed v right: don’t quite have the click to-treat coordination down yet but I will, oh, I will.

The trick, as I understand it - both from long-ago experience and current re-learning - is to give the dog-child something more interesting than the current focus of their ire / attention / boredom. Must adjust my perspective accordingly: I don’t quite see the appeal of a plastic bone from a level one intellectual puppy puzzle but I’ll roll with it. Anticipate the puppy, anticipate.


(Trying out a middle ground: abandon SitRep titling, give a title, but keep with the Sit/Rep form, mostly. Basically taking the title from a word or combo or something. Experiments will continue; this is, after all my thoughtspace. The daily Informalities, they return.)