The basement drain is unclogged; writing hours have been met; Kirby slept through the night: all is well. First vet appointment today, shots and such; will undoubtedly face the howler monkey again. Out and about for much of the day; office/Sanctum reorganization will have to wait a bit.

Switched back to Tweetbot, part of a resolve to pay attention to social media only when directly engaged with an actionable task (read: reply to a reply). The gauging of value based upon likes and retweets and hearts is the 2020s definition of madness and I’ve played to it for far too long.

BTW: Gluon really is a brilliant little Micro app.

A bit against common wisdom in that I’ve found that I prefer to use the phone’s lock screen and silenced notifications (along with Drafts) to avoid having to enter the timelines. Sort of like Messages: do I refresh that for interaction? Nope. Just respond when something comes up, if I think to look at it.