(Clearing out a backlog edition…)

A 4,000-Year-Old Student ‘Writing Board’ from Ancient Egypt (with Teacher’s Corrections in Red), via Open Culture.

Joye Hummel Murchison Kelly, Wonder Woman Ghost-Writer, Dies at 97, via Bleeding Cool.

Cosmic Nature: A Spectacular Polka Dot-Filled Exhibition by Yayoi Kusama Sprawls Across New York Botanical Garden, via Colossal.

Japanese man arrested for stealing women’s shoes and replacing them with new ones, via Sora News 24.

‘Justice League’ Screenwriter Chris Terrio Is Super Pissed Off, via Vanity Fair.

Social Media Use in 2021, via Pew Research Center.

Images of Hatha Yoga from the Joga Pradīpikā (19th century), via The Public Domain Review.