Quiet this morning… too quiet: The Morkie and The Jorkie are at the groomers, having the shag shorn; my shag remains – I used the plague as an excuse to grow my hair long again. Side benefit: now that I can pull said hair back, I don’t have to wear a hat when I run. Pleasant change.

Organizing notes, processing the captures, capturing the processes. I’ve pretty much decided that I won’t be doing longer-form weekly essays at Parenthetical Recluse: they’re not that interesting for me to write and, while I’m a bit reticent to have a writing website without (much) writing on it, it’s a chance for me to grow that space with things I actually do care about writing. More interested right now in fiction, the newsletter, these little dashed-off bits, and the two pods. Things might change next month when the busy-busy of this month ends, but I’m not so sure. Of course, all of this could change by Sunday – but I’m leaning towards full-throttle on the above interests.

The Ground Loop launches tomorrow will arrive on non-TSL Wednesdays: recorded the first ep in one go yesterday and had a good time, but I want to do a little edit later this afternoon. Digging the condenser mic. Back to work.