Happy Monday: Easter has been endured; carb and small talk quota is more than filled. Here I am. Good morning.

Three episodes in and I haven’t decided if I like THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER. While I enjoy parts of it, it’s just not gelling for me – a problem, given that we’ve crossed the halfway point. While I can’t deny that it’s solid entertainment, it’s also nowhere near the “something special” of its Disney+ predecessor, WANDAVISION (which, if I’m not mistaken, had COVID not happened, would have been the second show in the Disney+ rollout while FALCON & WINTER would have been first; the switch may have set the bar too high for F&WS).

Continued nips and tucks and addtions at Parenthetical Recluse: added the new mini/micropodcast, The Ground Loop, and its inverted cover art to the Projects page – planning to launch on Wednesday – and made a new Socialized Recluse page so I have separate pages/summaries for The Ground Loop (TGLPod) and The Socialized Recluse (TSLPod). Hopefully the nips and the tucks are nearing their end; it’s been a month-long process.

UPS package arrival, a pre-release copy from Hachette, sometime today. Very excited to read this one. On with the day.