Toyed with the idea of not doing this today – since I’m releasing a 1,000+-word essay/blovation in a few minutes – and instead making it a Monday-through-Saturday thing, but to hell with it; I like writing these and I might as well keep the chain going.

Was yet again felled by my niece in yesterday’s biweekly MARIO KART tourney, but my signficant losses aren’t quite as significant. So I’ve got that going for me. Also hid plastic eggs for the first time for said niece: the results, while uninspiring, were not necessarily indicative of my enjoyment of the process.

Can’t decide if I enjoy WOLFENSTEIN: THE OLD BLOOD yet or not. It’s mildly amusing, but there’s just not much there.

This week’s essay, “Notes on Efforts to Extract My Head From My Ass,” incoming.

Happy Diabetic Jesus Bunny Day.