The text has come: balance will be restored this week.

Spent much of yesterday binging Apple Arcade’s expansion into classics and Game-Passery: Fruit Ninja, Mahjong, Tiny Crossword, SpellTower, MiniMetro; welcome additions all – and now I’m actually using Arcade, instead of just paying for my wife and sister-in-law to have it – the latter especially for ad-free gaming for my niece.

Wrapped up GODZILLA VS. KONG: pure fun and that’s all that really matters.

After much consideration, weekly essays will arrive three times a month, at Parenthetical Recluse, starting tomorrow morning; decided that I can’t have a writer’s website without actual writing, so I might as well make it a thing (again). Also, Status and Projects pages more in tune with one another; the constant tinkering continues. Recording the new mini/micropod Monday or Tues. Launch Wednesday.

Familial microgatherings shall ensue this weekend; I can’t stand Easter anymore because I can’t have the candy which was the only reason that stupid rabbit was worth a damn in the first place. Oh well: balance next week.