Good morning – it’s currently 44ºF under sunny skies and I’m drawing something of a blank here this morning. But words must appear: such is this daily discipline.

Another scheduling shift, one that, for today anyhow, I’m liking quite a bit – though its true test will be in my capacity to navigate the afternoon (my condition having been compared to being a sheepdog without sheep). For now, though, I’m feeling a little less shake/rattle/roll, so that’s nice.

(Can’t discount the potential that this shake/rattle/roll reduction is nothing but a byproduct of the shiny new but whatever, I’ll roll with it.)

Addition of more/different structured time leading me back to idea of weekly essays at Parenthetical Recluse (well, three of them , whatwith every fourth Sunday – this Sunday, actually – belonging to MacroParentheticals), and re-re-christening these morning pieces SitReps, instead of titling them. Treat them like daily newspaper strips, the Sunday edition being the biggest, the essays being more thought-out representations of what I’ve been thinking about that week.

The one thing holding me back: will anyone read them? The one thing pushing me forward: (why) do I really care?

But all this is just something I’m considering. Haven’t quite brought myself there. Still, this will be the first week back with the newsletter, so I might as well give the notion a trial run. And so, SitReps reborn.

The day awaits.

Listening: DYNAMIC STILLNESS, by Steve Roach.