This Space Between

Read somewhere here, probably about the day or so after I’d taken a pause in my 20-year+ meditation practice, about someone meditating for the first time and, after a few weeks, seeing the space between thought and action or talk, and how beneficial that was – a sentiment echoed last month by George Saunders in his absolutely essential appearance on The Ezra Klein Show.

Having re-started my practice (it was only a few days of a pause in mid-late January) and looking it now with that different perspective has been, to put it mildly, transformative: I’m noticing that space – and how essential it is to my mental stability, creativity, marriage and general contentment – throughout the day, in ways large and small: a brief space between the shit-flinging monkey mind (or, as I call it, Randy the Chihuahua – I’ll share that story sometime) and the invasion of imposter syndrome, of self-loathing, of all Randy’s patented fuckeries; a space in the day’s Work, the necessity of its recalibrative properties and the benefit of intentional use of that space; a space in the week, for smaller things…

All that balance, and from seeing that tiny, little space between thought and action. To whoever said it here, thank you.

Tyler W. Weaver @twweaver