Want to expand on something I said few days ago:

“I’ve been putting things I love to create into the world for more than half my life and the only constant is that the hours following never get any easier. It’s a feeling not dissimilar to the week’s side effects - they hit, they vanish, and I carry on.”

Thinking it’s gotten harder, actually. Been so long since I’ve done it – my last published bit came out in 2017 or maybe it was 2015, my last book in 2013 – that I’ve forgotten how to release something and, as per usual with me, pretty certain that it has to do with ceding control (to my mind, the concept of perfectionism is two-fold: one, it’s a razor-thin line between quality and fear, and two, it’s a rationalization of delaying release so as to retain that control, usually while falling off the edge of that aforementioned razor-thin line). Only antidote is to release more things, to ignore the deafening crickets, and to carry on. In other words, get back to The Work.

At least that’s where my thinking is right now.

Continuing with titling these, focusing on one thing, one small concept, because I recognized that literally anything I post here is a SitRep and it’s better to make these things their own thing so welcome back to daily Informalities, as MicroInformalities; something will be released to this MicroInformality channel every day.

Also: partway through ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE. Will share thoughts once I finish and process. On with the day.