Vaccine appointment scheduled. Had the choice between the Moderna two-dose starting this afternoon or the Johnson and Johnson one-dose on Saturday morning. Went with the latter, even though I’ll lose one running day. Judgement was that the one-day loss (instead of trying to schedule two) and potential side-effect (noteworthy that only my wife has had any side effect; in-laws, parents, and grandparents, have had zilch) was worth it for the long-term benefits. With T1D management, a variation of five to fifteen minutes can be transformative.

Continuing afoot with my percussive re-education. Not as structured as I’d like, but I’m getting there. Biggest symbolic change from my formal/conservatory education of decades past: I’m teaching myself traditional grip, having been forced into matched grip for the duration of my musical becoming and ending.

T-minus two days until newsletter-exclusive re/emergence0002 early launch; you can sign up here if so inclined. Available to all next Weds, 17 March.