Mucking about a bit with when I write these. Think I’ll settle on when the day’s work is done (I start at +/-0445). Just a bit of a change, a small one, nothing grand. A useful break between the day’s work for myself and the day’s run, and subsequent availability for others. As I’m fond of saying, AM is mine, PM is yours.

Still nursing the wounds of defeat with the balm of victory: while my niece laid waste to me in MARIO KART, I managed to eke out two victories – both, however on account of her tactical errors. In one ray of hope, I figured out how to pull off that start-line-boost thing she was doing to break out to the front of the pack; this “discovery” has yet to translate to a personal victory for ShyGuy and myself of any regularity or sustainability. That said, I MARIO KART’ed her in JEOPARDY, finishing with $66K to her $480, in what can only be described as victory’s balm for the burn of my perpetual MARIO KART defeat.

A special morning of following the dog children around with plastic bags, pacing in wait of vet-bound treasures.