Good morning: it’s currently 20ºF under sunny skies and re/emergence0001 is in the vault; re/e0002 drops 17 March. Newsletter subscribers get early access next Friday, 12 March; you can sign up here if so inclined.

(Many thanks to all who dug re/e0001; we had a great time putting it together and look forward to sharing more soon.)

In other news: Reasonably sure that both my wife and I had covid back in late Feb-early March of last year (while my wife was definitely knocked on her ass by it, I was one of the largely asymptomatic types) – early adopters FTW. More convinced than ever that I’m one of the “long covid” types. Blood sugars been nuts ever since around then; have had to double the insulin dosage over the last year and haven’t felt fully myself in a long time. Verge article on long covid sufferers feeling better after vaccine gives me hope: maybe it’s just my immune system still struggling with lingering remnants of my theorized bout and the vaccine, whenever I get it – soon, hopefully – will help eliminate those remnants. But who knows. Maybe it’s just the way it is. I’ve begrudgingly accepted that T1D is a fight I won’t win. All I can do is put one foot in front of the other and move along.

And so it goes; the day awaits.