Before Mob Stormed the Capitol, Days of Security Planning Involved Cabinet Officials and President Trump, via ProPublica.

“Whatever the peculiarities (and undoubted deficiencies) of the processes prescribed by the Constitution for translating the votes of the people into a choice of the person who is to be president, the choice, once made, is sacrosanct. To contrive at undoing it – whether by promulgating and endorsing baseless allegations of national fraud, pressuring state officials to overturn lawful and accurate election results, or summoning a mob to intimidate Congress – is to thrust a knife into the vibrant heart of the American idea and the Constitution that governs it.": The Constitutional Case for Impeaching Donald Trump (Again), via Just Security.

After 50 years, the Pentagon Papers give up their final secrets, via The Guardian.

Conchology, or, the Natural History of Shells: Stunning 19th-Century Illustrations from the World’s First Pictorial Encyclopedia of Mollusks, via Brain Pickings.