Reading: Wrapped up Nick Bostrom’s (terrifying) SUPERINTELLIGENCE and a re-read of Jiro Kuwata’s BAT-MANGA: THE SECRET HISTORY OF BATMAN IN JAPAN and moved on to Sam Quinones’s DREAMLAND. My complete reading list, from now back through 2013, lives here; evidence of the week’s abundant internetting lives on my Links channel.

Listening: BECAUSE OF A FLOWER, by Ana Roxanne… ARTLESSLY FALLING, by Mary Halvorson’s Code Girl…BURNHEART, by Johanna Burnheart… JOURNEY IN SATCHIDANANDA, by Alice Coltrane… … and more await in the Micro EarBliss archive.

Watching: DOCTOR WHO, Series 11…. THE MANDALORIAN, Season Two… THE REPAIR SHOP, Season Two… RUST VALLEY RESTORERS, Season Three… and in weekend film viewing, the enjoyable ENOLA HOLMES, from Netflix.

Playing: L.A. NOIRE, a replay / revisit, continued - homicide desk, at present; Phelps still an awful protagonist.